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​​​​Management Strategy Advisory Board

At the 2013 Annual Meeting, the International Pacific Halibut Commission advanced the development of a Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) program for the halibut resource. The Commission approved the formation of a Management Strategy Advisory Board (MSAB) to oversee the MSE process and to advise the Commission and Staff on the development and evaluation of candidate objectives and strategies for managing the fishery. The MSE process will help the Commission develop and thoroughly test alternative management procedures, prior to actually implementing any management changes for the fishery.

This webpage is where the MSAB will post its news for the public.  References for the IPHC MSE process, as well as reports from MSAB meetings, can be found via the links to the right.

Scroll down this page to see the membership of the MSAB. The public is encouraged to comment or provide input to the MSE process directly via the Board members.


​MSAB Members

The Commission appreciates the broad interest expressed in participation on the MSAB. The suite of nominations was impressive and the Commission selected a Board of 24 official and ex-officio members representing viewpoints from commercial, sport, processing, Tribal/First Nations, and Fisheries Councils and managers. The Commission was pleased to make these selections for the Board and is extremely grateful to all of those who were willing to participate in this initiative.

The current MSAB members and ex-officio representatives are:

Bruce GabrysU.S.Commercial​
Jeff KauffmanU.S.Commercial​
Per OdegaardU.S.Commercial​
Dan FalveyU.S.Commercial​
Chris SporerCDNCommercial​
Robert HauknesCDNCommercial​
Jim LaneCDNFirst Nations​
Scott MazzoneU.S.Treaty Tribes​
Adam KeizerCDNDFO
Rachel BakerU.S.NMFS Manager​
Robyn ForrestCDNSci.
Carey McGilliardU.S.Sci.
Scott MeyerU.S.ADF&G
Peggy ParkerU.S./CDNProcessing​​​
John WoodruffU.S.Processing​​
Tom MarkingU.S.Sport​
Martin PaishCDNSport​


​All members of the MSAB can be contacted at


Allan Hicks briefs the MSAB members.